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Fight Against COVID-19 - Long-term Requirements

UWM's interventions to fight COVID-19 are based on best practices of other affected communities & include emergency response measures and long term efforts to build resilience and rehabilitate affected communities.

My Appeal

My name is Shrinidhi Shriram and I am 9 years old. I am studying in Grade 5 at Vibgyor High, Airoli. Since last year, most children like me have been attending school online because of the covid-19 pandemic. Although I really miss going to school everyday, I am sad to hear that there are so many children from underprivileged communities that are unable to attend classes online. These children do not have smartphones or tabs or computers. And most of the time they cannot even afford to pay for internet connectivity. With the help of my parents, we will be selling some of my paintings to raise money to help these children to access classes online. This is my first fundraising campaign. And I will only be able to do this if you purchase my painting. Each painting is priced at Rs. 500 only. However, you are also welcome to contribute any amount (even Rs. 100) to my fundraising campaign. Thank you so much!

Project Details

  • Working with hospitals in Mumbai to establish stronger Infection Prevention Control processes to protect healthcare workers and patients
  • Establishing linkages with government schemes and livelihood opportunities for persons from low-income communities

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