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India is facing a malnutrition crisis today. The most severely affected are the children. Almost half the deaths amongst children under the age of 5 years are because of undernourishment. For those that survive, the effects of malnutrition are lifelong. It impacts their health, education and their potential to work as adults. It astonishes me that communities even as close as 100 kms from Mumbai still live in such abject poverty. The need is urgent & there is a lot to be done. Through Project Poshan, we will - - Identify children at risk of malnourishment in rural and urban communities in Maharashtra in collaboration with government agencies - Supplement their nutrition intake for a period of 10 months - Monitor their growth closely to ensure they are out of a high risk category - Work with their parents & ICDS teachers to ensure these gains are sustainable It costs only Rs. 10000 per child to do all of this. Your contributions could help save lives.
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I believe each one of us must do our bit and this is my endeavour to bring attention and support to a cause close to my heart.
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