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UWM's interventions to fight COVID-19 are based on best practices of other affected communities & include emergency response measures and long term efforts to build resilience and rehabilitate affected communities.

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With the number of COVID-19 cases rising every day, our actions over the next few weeks will determine whether we are able to contain the outbreak and the long term implications it has on the health, wellbeing and economic activity of our nation. As we go through these trying times, it is essential that we equip our communities to deal with this pandemic. Your contribution will go a long way in ensuring that we are able to fight this disease together.

Project Details

Safety of Healthcare workers:
Providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits to healthcare workers in government hospitals and public health centres to deal with the acute shortage. These kits include N95 mask, 3 ply disposable masks, fluid shield mask with visor, surgical caps and hoods, surgical goggles, waterproof gown, shoe covers, and nitrile gloves. 

Handwash stations & Sanitizer Dispensers
Provision of portable foot-operated or sensor-based handwashing stations at key locations in hospitals and sanitizer dispensers. Handwashing facilities are currently only available in hospital restrooms. Soaps and sanitizers will be provided for use for all individuals visiting the hospitals

Hospital equipment & Awareness materials:
Equipping government hospitals with various medical equipment requirements like ventilators, Covid testing machines, testing kits and awareness materials. Also conducting training sessions for all hospital staff including ancillary workers. 

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As the world faces unprecedented challenges, I believe each one of us must come together and do our bit during these trying times.




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