Anugrah Seva Mandal

345, Phansipada Near Anand Nagar Midc. Ambernath East ,dist. Thane, Maharastra, Pin Code-421506 Tel.9890125797


Dr. Ila Paul started Anugrah children home to take care of the severely to moderately malnourished children that were brought to her notice by several social workers and pastors. It is now a hostel for destitute underprivileged children. Especially children of AIDS affected. ASM through its hostel has taken care of more than 90 children. Several of the girls got educated and are settled well. Some are married; others are working or studying in colleges. Few stayed only for a short period. Some 40 girls are living in the hostel at present. Profile of the community served. Students from the Children’s Hostel are : • Children of parents who are affected by Aids. • Children of single parent who is mentally unsound, destitute mother, or parent in prison. • Homeless and destitute parents unable to earn. • Children in moral danger. • Children from the local slums mostly Anugrah Vidya Mandir initially was started to cater to the educational needs of children living in the home as a home school. Later in 2005 it was registered in the Govt. education department and the underprivileged children whose parents are following background. Dr. ILA PAUL is a MBBS DGO from Christian medical College Ludhiana 1978 & 1985 respectively. Since then worked for the poor tribals in Madya Pradesh Jhabua District amongst Bhils and Bhilwal tribals. After postgraduate diploma worked in Dehradun district amongst the jaunsari tribals. As Father was living in Maharashtra on his desire to work in Maharashtra I shifted to Kedgaon in Pune . Worked at PanditaRamabaiMukti Mission serving the poor and destitute also the Rural area for eight years as chief Medical officer and Hospital Administrator. In 1994 established private practice in Ambernath as well worked for an International NGO Intermission working in Dharavi and Mahim slums as Medical consultant, besides supervising Care of HIV AND AIDS affected. “Anugrah children Home ” got established in 1996 after two moderately malnourished motherless children were left for help in the clinic by their grandmother. A ‘Home” was started in the land owned by her Father and siblings. More than 100 moderately to severely malnourished children have been cared for since in the Home. In (1995) father gave his land for the purpose of care of destitute and homeless motherless children. For the next seven years the home of about 26 children was supported by own income and fathers pension along with support from the rest of family members and very few close family friends. Several widows and their children found shelter for short time and were helped to get established in jobs and children were helped till they could earn enough to rent a home. In the year 2000 home schooling was started for children living in the Home. A special class for school drop outs fom local area was conducted. Two batches of students were taken. The younger students were given coaching and brought to regular stream through Govt. MPS Yojna. For older students, were coached and made to sit as private tenth std. Examination of Maharashtra Board. Several students have done vey well and completed college education. All the boys were helped to learn the trade of welding too, from Father Agnel multipurose school in Ambarnath. Success story of Anita working as accountat is included here. More then 100 students have benefitted from this Hostel. At present about thirty five school and college girls live in the “HOSTEL”, Home schooling for children living in home was established in the year 2000 In the year 2003 two classes for local children for Agriculture and labourers and school dropouts was conducted. About 20 school drop outs were brought in mainstream of education taking help of MPS Yojna of education Department. Some are still continuing studies, pursuing graduation and working after completing school. Two completed Diploma in office Administration one did MBA and the other is working as Accounts executive in a CA Firm, In Thane In the year 2005 the education department regularized school ANUGRAH VIDYA MANDIR. four batches of ten and six students have completed their SSC from this school. About 400 under privileged students mainly children from Three Adiwasi Wada, Industrial laborers. study in this school. Project ASHA KIRAN a programme to help mothers of some of our students was started in April 2014. In this programme we have been able to train women to establish small business, to help the family meet, daily requirements. (Home made Bhakar chutney, Tiffin business, selling janitor’s items door to door. Selling of vegetables, fish fresh and dried, Tailoring units etc.) I appreciate the help of several donors from, who help in the running of this Institute Through God’s grace and mercy. All praise to God the Almighty Father. Aim :- Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. The Institution is to provide underprivileged children an environmental structure and to grow in a safe, loving and happy atmosphere. To endeavor to provide a place where children can get individual prescriptive learning and encouraging continuous progress towards realistic goals and objectives.


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