Abhilasha Foundation

Laxmi Chhaya Bungalow, Plot No. 27-27, Rsc-11, Gorai 2, Opp. Subh Mangal Party Hall, Borivali (w) Tel.022-28677820


Abhilasha Foundation is an NGO established under The Bombay Public Trust Act 1950. Organization mainly aims in benefiting the underprivileged children and their families through various projects. Abhilasha Foundation aims sustainable development by improving socio-economic conditions through healthcare, vocational training, education, livelihood development, self governance and women as well as children's human rights. Abhilasha Foundation is dedicated to create positive transformation and believes in bottom up approach. Vision: Fostering a society wherein women are empowered enough to add value to their family and society; all children are empowered with education and enjoy their childhood rights and creating sustainable and humane society wherein all living being have access to manage their livelihood. Mission: Plan and implement or join hands with government, donors, non-government and other volunteer bodies for implementing, development that fulfill our vision to educate, organize, strengthen the downtrodden communities with total capacities to manage their own development. Objective: We believe in "Converts desires into reality". Abhilasha Foundation's honest objective is to be there in all welfare and up-lift activities wherever and whenever society needs. Our foundation is to identfiy and fulfill the society's basic needs.


 Certificate of registration
 12A registration certificate
 80 G Certificate / Application
 PAN Card ( scan of original)
 Address Proof ( electricity/ telephone bill/bank passbook)
 2014-15: Audited Annual Accounts Including Auditor's Report
 2015-16: Audited Annual Accounts Including Auditor's Report
  2016-17: Audited Annual Accounts Including Auditor's Report
 Cancelled Cheque (Domestic)
 FCRA registration certificate
 2017-18: Audited Annual Accounts Including Auditor's Report
 Income tax return acknowledgement ( ITR) 2019-20
 Board resolution authorizing the signing authority
 Trust Deed / Memorandum Of Association (MOA)
 Cancelled Cheque (FCRA)
 CSR Form 1
 ITR Acknowledgement AY 2020-21
 Income tax return acknowledgement ( ITR) 2021-22
 Audited annual accounts including auditor's report (FY 2019-20)
 Renewed 12A Certificate
 Renewed 80G Certificate
 Form 10B for the FY 2020-21
 FCRA SBI Cancelled Cheque New Delhi Branch
 Form FC-6 (New SBI Account)
 Audited annual accounts including auditor's report (FY 2020-21)
 Income tax return acknowledgement ( ITR) AY 2022-23
 Form 10B for the FY 2021-22
 Audited annual accounts including auditor's report (FY 2021-22)