Action For Ability Development & Inclusion (AADI)

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Since 1978, AADI has been the forerunner in creating service delivery models in urban and rural areas, for people with multiple disabilities; developing a cadre of human resource to directly address the needs of persons with disabilities, spread services in different parts of the country and influence policy and law that addresses the needs of people with disabilities.


 Certificate of registration
 12A registration certificate
 80 G Certificate / Application
 FCRA registration certificate
 Address Proof ( electricity/ telephone bill/bank passbook)
 PAN Card ( scan of original)
 Cancelled Cheque
 Income tax return acknowledgement ( ITR) 2019-20
 Trust Deed / Memorandum Of Association (MOA)
 Board resolution authorizing the signing authority
 2016-17: Audited Annual Accounts Including Auditor's Report
 2017-18: Audited Annual Accounts Including Auditor's Report
 2018-19: Audited Annual Accounts Including Auditor's Report
 CSR Form 1
 Renewed 80G Certificate
 Renewed 12A Certificate
 Audited annual accounts including auditor's report (FY 2020-21)
 Cancelled Cheque (FCRA {if applicable}))
 Cancelled cheque (for domestic)
 Audited annual accounts including auditor's report (FY 2019-20)
 Income tax return acknowledgement ( ITR) AY 2021-22
 ITR Acknowledgement AY 2020-21
 Form 10B for the FY 2017-18
 Form 10B for the FY 2019-20
 Form FC-6 (New SBI Account)
 Form 10B for the FY 2018-19
 FCRA SBI Cancelled Cheque New Delhi Branch
 Form 10B for the FY 2016-17
 Form 10B for the FY 2020-21
 Audited annual accounts including auditor's report (FY 2021-22)
 Form 10B for the FY 2021-22
 Income tax return acknowledgement ( ITR) AY 2022-23


Ujala is a Unit of block-printed hand-made paper- products at AADI. Ujala runs in collaboration and through networks of people with disability contributing in all aspects of product development from sourcing, manufacturing, marketing and packaging Ujala started as a block printing unit at AADI, thirty years ago. Over the years, the business has grown, the processes have undergone a transition and a wide range of handmade paper products have been added to the list of already existing products made by the members of Ujala. Some of the products are : Wrapping sheets, Gift Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, Stationery items, Chocolate Hampers, Christmas/Diwali hampers, Wedding Cards, Business cards. Block-printing is extensively used for decorative purposes using wooden blocks and colors in repetitive patterns. Blocks are available in small, medium or large designs, purchased from artisans from their workshops or/and from Dilli Haat and Central Cottage Emporium. The Ujala products are sold from the in house NavRang Store, melas/ stalls at different corporate offices, colleges, schools, embassies & RWAs from Diwali through Christmas. Ujala gets bulk orders and takes special orders as well. Ujala is a process that ensures livelihoods for people with disability through offering inclusive and accessible opportunities to all people.

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