Yoda (Youth Organization in Defense of Animals)

11, New Siddivinayak Soc, Veer Savarkar Marg, Mahim West Tel. 9769000294


YODA was founded by 4 passionate animal lovers in 2010. 1) medical services for abandoned, injured or ill - treated homeless animals 2) Behavioral rehabilitation of animals who have been mentally disturbed 3) Sheltering and Rehabilitation of homeless or old age animals until they are fit for adoption or release 4) Vaccination and Sterilization of stray Dogs and Cats 5) Education and Awareness. YODA’s R3 Program (Rescue, Rehab, Release or Rehome) Over 100 animals are abandoned or injured on the streets of Mumbai Navi Mumbai & Thane each month. Most of these animals get left as they are without notice or treatment for days until the injury becomes detrimental or even fatal. YODA was initiated in 2010 to work towards solving this problem. The organization started by conducting awareness programs in schools, slums, residential societies and various communities to educate individuals about what to do when they see a stray animal in distress. In 2017, we set up our shelter in Khar West, Mumbai to efficiently attend to such animals in distress and give them prompt treatment and rehabilitation via best in class medical and behavioural rehabilitation services by our expert team of vets and behaviourists. With the R3 program, we ensure each animal is efficiently rehabilitated & released or rehomed within a span of 25 days. Each animal is provided with best medical care and is evaluated post treatment to decide if he/she is to be released or rehomed given the circumstances. Our Instagram profile :


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