Abled Disabled All People Together (ADAPT)

Cts No.a791, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra (w) Tel.91-22-26443666


ADAPT, Formerly The Spastics Society of India, was set up in 1972 by Dr.Mithu Alur to address the educational and therapy needs of children with cerebral palsy. From a special school started with three children it has grown to provide services that include assessment, treatment, inclusive education, continuum of support services for inclusion, counseling, vocational guidance, training, job placement and advocacy for children and young adults with disability, and a women’s empowerment programme. ADAPT also works to influence changes in policy at the national level as this impacts children and youth from all marginalized groups across the country.ADAPT works to ensure that all disabled children have equal access to education, and all disabled youth have equal job opportunities.With the aim to create a disability friendly nation, we provide. Education, Therapy, Counseling and support services for disabled children, youth and their families.Skills Training and Job Placement for disabled youth.A forum for disabled people to advocate for their rights and to promote public awareness of disability issues. Additionally we work towards changes in policy that will positively impact the disabled, persons at the local state and national level.


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