Level Playing Field, 2019

Sports Education for Children from Marginalized Communities

Level Playing Field is UWM's project, in partnership with Credit Suisse, to bring high-quality sports education to children from marginalized communities. Our programme activities and present impact are as follows:

Project Component I: South Mumbai Soccer challenge
Over 6500 children from 164 schools participated in the South Mumbai Junior Soccer Challenge in December 2018. Children aged between 6 to 14 years from all economic backgrounds received the opportunity to showcase their footballing talent and skills through matches across 9 days. Victorious teams received medals and trophies.

Project Component II: Providing yearlong coaching to 35 children from 2 Mumbai schools:
Two schools have been identified for further project interventions, under component II of the programme: 

  1. Mulund Camp Municipal School, Mulund
  2. Sitaram Mill Marathi Municipal School, Worli

Our selection process:
Children's interest and potential were evaluated after which 10 girls and 10 boys from Sitaram Mill Compound school and 15 boys from Mulund Camp school were selected.

Equipping beneficiaries with football kits:
The children were equipped with kits comprising jerseys, shorts, stockings, shin guards and footballing shoes. To enhance outcomes the schools also received cones, hurdles and other equipment for maximum impact during coaching.

Nutritional supplementation:
The participants received peanut moringa chikki, which provides approximately 522 kcal of energy, 18.8 gm of protein and 9 mg of Iron in every 100 g of chikki per day.

Family support and counselling:
To enlist family support, parents and caregivers were counselled on the support their child would require for her/his athletic development. The counselling focused on understanding the physical and mental benefits of sports for the child and how diet played a crucial role in this development. Through 4 counselling sessions, parents were counselled on the importance of a balanced diet, low-cost nutritious food options and right food choices.

Key Project Highlights:

  • 2 schools have been equipped with basic infrastructure needed for football coaching.
  • 35 children across these schools are receiving professional coaching and have received sports kits.
  • Children have participated in local competitions like CM Chashak and Chava League, winning the first round.
As of March 2019, 85 football coaching sessions have taken place in Mulund School and 93 sessions have been carried out at Sitaram Mill Compound School.


Corporate Partner:
Credit Suisse