Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2017

The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2017 was a tremendous success, with Rs. 32.93 Crores being raised for charity at this edition. Overall, 281 charities, 151 corporates and 1048 fundraisers stepped up and helped raise the funds for a variety of causes all across the country. This year, 69 Change Runners cumulatively raised Rs. 11.9 Crores, with Mr. Mihir Doshi becoming the Highest Fundraising Individual ever in the history of the SCMM. He raised Rs. 1.3 Crores! 136 Young Leaders, including 24 who were elevated to Change Runners, cumulatively raised over Rs. 1.97 Crores. 151 corporates and their 250 teams, together contributed over Rs. 12.63 Crores through their participation.