World Hepatitis Day Commemoration, 2016

United Way Mumbai observed Hepatitis Week 2016 from 22nd to 30th July to mark World Hepatitis Day on 28th July. As part of this various high impact interventions were carried out that included Information-Education-Communication (IEC) campaigns for vulnerable and high risk groups in the community, facilitating testing and vaccination counselling etc.

The activities that were carried out during the week included:

  1. Sensitization, testing and vaccination for Commercial Sex Workers (CSW) for Hepatitis B with SAI, Sanghini and Prerana organisation.
    • UWM conducted training sessions and have sensitised 420 Commercial Sex Workers, through one-to-one interaction, and provided free voluntary testing facilities for these CSWs and their children, for Hepatitis B.
  2. Interactive Sessionson Hepatitis B & C with focus on LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) groups along with free voluntary testing and vaccination
    • UWM partnered with Humsafar Trust, Yaariyan, Umang, Gay Bombay, Aarju Foundation, Gaurav and Humsaaya trust, for mobilization of members of LGBTQ community.
    • An informative talk on viral hepatitis was organised on 30th July 2016, with testing and vaccination facilities.
    • 100 LGBTQ group members from Mumbai city were tested and vaccinated for hepatitis B.
    • Counsellors from each NGO were given training in the month of August by UWM, on Hepatitis B, to guide the patients for further treatment.


NGO Partners:

Humsafar Trust
Gay Bombai
Aarju Foundation
Humsaaya Trust