Clean Neighborhood Program, Sewree, 2011 - Maintaining cleanliness and promoting greening

R. A. Kidwai Road was adopted for one year to maintain cleanliness and promote greening of the locality

United Way Mumbai Helpline and RNA Corp. launched "Clean Neighborhood Program at Dnyaneshwar Nagar, Sewree in April 2011. Under this program R. A. Kidwai Road was adopted for the period of one year for maintaining cleanliness and promoting greening of the locality by involving key stakeholders such as local residents, shopkeepers, schools and Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) through series of awareness drives.


Cleanliness Drive at Sewree - 'Team Up for Clean-Up':
The "Clean Neighborhood Campaign" was launched with the Clean-Up Drive jointly by UWM, RNA Corp and the F/South ward of the MCGM. A Clean-Up Drive was carried out by participants in addition to Clean Angan Drives, i.e.; getting signed pledge forms from shopkeepers to promote cleanliness. Mr. Bala Nandgaonkar (Hon. MLA of the Locality) inaugurated the launch event. Three Dustbins were donated to the Dnyaneshwar Nagar community members to prevent dumping of garbage on the road.

Tree Plantation Drive:
In October, United Way Mumbai Helpline joined RNA Corp. in carrying out a tree plantation drive. Volunteers conducted a build-up activity one day prior to the event to spread spread awareness about environment and greenery among the residents and shopkeepers of Dnyaneshwar Nagar and invited them for the next day's drive. The drive started with a street play on the theme of "Clean and Green Mumbai", which received very positive responses from the neighborhood. Over 100 people including residents of Dnyaneshwar Nagar community and passers by were present. Two local municipal councillors, namely; Mr. Sunil More and Mrs. Parvati Gorivale were present for the drive.

Wall Painting:
Taking up the role of Catalyst of Change, 20 students from the Dnyaneshwar Nagar School participated in the creation of wall murals with messages on a better environment and safety to sensitize citizens. Armed with brushes and paints, the students communicated their understanding and appeal for a better environment to the citizens in creative ways. Students also interacted with citizens and appealed to them to maintain cleanliness at public premises.

Promoting Use of Cloth Bags - "Say No To Plastic":
UWMH volunteers carried out a plastic free drive in the locality along with a community survey. Cloth bags were distributed to the citizens to promote the use of cloth bags.


A survey of the adopted locality was conducted on to the study the level of awareness of the residents of Dnyaneshwar Nagar towards their adoption by the RNA Corp. 51 residents shared their feedback and it was found that most of the residents were aware of the initiatives. Citizens also showed interest in participating in future activities. As a Community Intervention Model, this initiative has proved to produce high impact, which is easily scalable and replicable.


Corporate Partner:
RNA Metropolis