United Way Wish Tree at Kellogg, 2013

Kellogg India Private Limited and United Way Mumbai have had a long relationship through the Payroll Giving program. By hosting the United Way Wish Tree, Kellogg India Private Limited extended its support to Aarambh and Iskcon Food Relief Foundation. This initiative was positioned as an interactive and engaging festival for the employees to reach out to the underprivileged in the society. The "United Way Wish Tree" initiative created a platform for Kellogg India Private Limited to engage its employees in giving back to the society in more tangible way.

The activities conducted at the "United Way Wish Tree" were as follows:
  • 250 Wish Cards were stuck on the Wish Tree at the beginning of the event
  • Each Wish card focused on diverse set of wishes that are explained the requirements of the NGOs and the cost entailed
  • Employees visited the United Way Wish Tree and glanced through the Wish Cards
  • Employees plucked the Wish Cards from the Wish Tree
  • In order to pledge the wishes, employees filled in their personal details such as name, department, employee I.D. on the back of the wish card
  • These pledged Wish Cards (wishes fulfilled) were deposited in the wish box which was placed at the "United Way Wish Tree" counter
  • Employees fulfilled the wishes by replacing the Wish Fruits on the United Way Wish Tree
The aim of the Wish Tree was to fulfill the maximum number of wishes and see maximum number of fruits on the Wish Tree at the end of the event. At the end of the Joy of Giving Week 2013, Rs 30,700/- were raised and 166 wishes were fulfilled.


Corporate Partners:
Kellogg India Private Limited

NGO Partners:
Iskcon Food Relief Foundation