Commemoration of World Health Day, 2015

United Way Mumbai organized an awareness session on the theme of Food Safety.

World Health Day is commemorated each year on 7th April across the world. Each year a theme is selected that highlights a priority area of public health. The theme for 2015 was Food Safety.


On the occasion of World Health Day, UWM organized an awareness session on theme of Food Safety, with the help of members of SNEHA for staff and student volunteers from Dr. Ambedkar College and Valia College. The student volunteers were sensitized and trained as health educators to further sensitize street food vendors and the consumers in Mumbai, in their turn.

Student health educators conducted the awareness drive at four locations - Khau Galli, opposite SNDT University, Churchgate, Khau Galli, opposite CSMT and Bora Bazaar Street. They sensitized vendors and shopkeepers about the importance of food safety through one on one interaction and pamphlet and kitchen safety gear distribution.


In all, 70 vendors and 250 consumers were educated about food safety.


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NSS Unit
University of Mumbai