Mission Skill Development, 2015 - National Conference

Leveraging CSR and Education, Workplace Campaigns

UWM has been actively engaging over 3000 college students, annually (majority of them being NSS students) in its community campaigns over the past years.


The Government of India is expected to announce a Skill India policy soon. As regards of it, A National Conference on "Mission Skill Development: Leveraging CSR and Education was hosted by Indian Merchants Chamber on May 7, 2015 at BSE Convention Hall, Mumbai.

Since college students are the backbone of several activities conducted by UWM, we thought it would be an excellent opportunity for the students and faculties from city colleges to learn about and share their views on the currents trends and opportunities in education.

The objective of the conference was to bring together experts from the government, industry, academia and voluntary sector to share their perspectives on various dimensions of the theme. It also deliberated on how to incorporate skill development in schools - both cognitive and non-cognitive and ensure smooth transition across educational streams based on skills.


The conference was successfully attended by 78 students and some faculties from approximately 26 colleges across Mumbai city.


Institutional Partner:
Indian Merchants - Chamber 

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