Greenesha, 2014

GREENESHA is a unique high impact community engagement initiative that was led by 2000 college students in city of Mumbai during the Ganesh festival celebrations that commenced from August 29 2014 and ended on 11th September 2014. The campaign, aptly titled 'Greenesha' or 'Green Ganesha'- the environment friendly way to celebrate Ganesh festival, was led by Student United Ways in Mumbai. It was a path breaking opportunity for the students across Mumbai to be part of a critical movement for promotion of an Environment Friendly Ganesh Festival. In the build up to the action packed campaign that culminated on the days the Ganesh idols are immersed, Student United Way Champions from 20 city colleges became the campaign ambassadors. Students reached out to the community festival venues or "Ganesh Mandals" and carried out awareness activities 

Outreach to Ganesh Mandals: 600 Ganesh Mandals reached out directly. All the mandals have pledged to adopt environment friendly methods of celebrations. 

Indirect outreach: 600000 citizens reached out 

Waste Segregation and Collection Drives on Major Immersion Days: 
  • 75 tons of waste prevented from being thrown into water bodies by volunteers.
  • 2000 Ganesh Mandals involved in segregation and methodical disposal of  waste during immersion.
  • Over 1000 volunteers engaged over two major immersion days
Post Immersion Clean-Up drive at Major Immersion Sites:
  • 150 tones of waste collected from the beach after immersion.
  • Over 1000  volunteers involved in cleaning the city water bodies. 

The unique aspect of this campaign is the participatory nature, wherein all the outreached citizens have pledged their support to adopt environment friendly ways of celebrations during the festival next year. Student volunteers managed the entire campaign and led the corporate employees in cleaning the beach/water bodies after immersion of idols, thus making this campaign a true example collective community impact.


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