Project Umang, 2015

Khajuri Kalan, Mandideep, MP

UWM initiated Project 'Umang' in partnership with Hershey's Company and SOS Children's Villages in order to facilitate differently abled children to realize their potential. The Umang children's home was set up to nurture differently able children and instill a sense of pride in them so that they are able to live in the society with their head held up high. The project, through a provision of special care and attention, enhanced the capabilities of children to make them independent. Additionally, the project ensured the children receive a regular family environment, making it easier for the children to adjust in mainstream society.

The 40 children benefiting through this grant received access to facilities such as a Special Activity Centre, a Physiotherapy Unit, a Speech Therapy Unit, a Hydrotherapy unit, a Vocational Training Centre, a Community House and a well-equipped Medical Centre that are used to facilitate their rehabilitation process.


Corporate Partner:
Hershey's Company

NGO Partner:
SOS Children's Villages