Promotion of Hardship Reducing Technology , 2015

Udaipur and Rajsamand

This livelihood project undertaken by UWM along with John Deere Foundation and Maharana Pratap Agricultural University, Udaipur sought to identify and promote need based hardship reducing technologies in agriculture, animal husbandry and homestead activities. The activity aimed to assess the impact of technology on hardship reduction, efficiency and quality of life of women farmers. Through provision of ergonomically friendly tools, the program impacted close to 500 women farmers by reducing their hardship by between 20% - 60% in various agricultural activities, consequently increasing their efficiency in terms of work output from 20% to 200%. This also led to an increase in income by Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 30,000/- over the project period.


Corporate Partner:
John Deere Foundation

Institutional Partner:
Maharana Pratap Agricultural University, Udaipur