School Based Education Program, 2015

Sanaswadi, Pune

United Way Mumbai and John Deere, India partnered with Hope Foundation in a three year, school based education program in 2 villages in Sanaswadi, Pune District. Through the program, close to 400 children were impacted through non-formal education, computer literacy and community development work.

Computer centers were set up in both the villages for children to access hands on training on computers during their school hours. At the center, apart from educational support, various extracurricular activities have been organized for the children, during the school breaks (Diwali, Christmas, and summer camp) etc. In addition, various health camps focusing on gynaecological and optical problems were organized in the community. We also engaged and counselled parents, on a needs basis through parent teacher meetings and visits.


Corporate Partner:
John Deere

NGO Partner:
Hope Foundation