Drink Driving Sensitisation - United for Road Safety

Educating individuals on the impact of alcohol impairment on the body while driving.

According to the Global Status Report -2018 by WHO, India reported 4,67,044 road crashes resulting in 1,51,417 fatalities and injuries to 4,69,418 people. Among various risk factors, drunken driving is one of the leading causes of road traffic crashes. To tackle this issue, United Way Mumbai partnered with Crisil, in collaboration with the Mumbai Traffic Police to conduct a campaign to educate individuals on the impact of alcohol impairment on the body while driving through experiential learning techniques.


As the project is aimed at sensitising millennials, United Way Mumbai successfully managed to set up awareness kiosks at 10 colleges. Activities conducted at the kiosks included; a pledge wall, poster exhibition, Pyramid Game (where participants stack paper cups to make a pyramid) and Zig Zag Route (where participants must dribble a ball through a zig-zag route created with cones). Both the games require the participants to wear drunk goggles so that they become aware of the way in which alcohol impairs the vision and reflexes.


1136 individuals participated and 8850 individuals were sensitized through the kiosk activities.