United for Road Safety

United for Road Safety, is a community impact initiative of United Way Mumbai which aims to address various aspects related to the promotion of road safety in Mumbai, India.

Two Wheeler Rider Training

Impact to date: (2016 to 2019)

Phase 1:
  • We conducted over 200 sessions, sensitizing more than 6000 youth across Mumbai colleges.
  • 77 active road safety clubs created.
Phase 2:
  • 390 training sessions conducted between May 2019 and Feb 2020.
  • 9303 individuals have been sensitized about responsible two-wheeler riding.
  • 2692 individuals underwent assessment with the two-wheeler simulator.

Two Wheels One Life

Phase 1:
As part of Phase 1 of the initiative, 3-4 hour classroom sessions were held by the students of the NSS cell on the topic of safe/defensive driving followed by a demonstration by a trainer, an on-wheel assessment for those who owned a vehicle and awareness about possessing a valid driving license and wearing a proper helmet. Upon successful completion of the training, every student was awarded a certificate jointly issued by United Way Mumbai, NSS Cell, University of Mumbai and the National Safety Council – Maharashtra Chapter.

Phase 2:

United way Mumbai commenced this phase of the project on 14th May 2019 at the Andheri RTO. Under Phase 2, training would be conducted for learning license applicants every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as allotted by the Andheri RTO. Training sessions are conducted in batches of a maximum of 30 participants. The batches are arranged by UWM for applicants who have completed their learner's license test, irrespective of whether they have passed or failed the test.

The training is followed by an awareness session for aspiring or current two-wheeler riders, wherein they have access to the Two-Wheeler Simulator. At the simulator, a trainer briefs the participant about the simulator before the ride begins. After their ride gets completed, the UWM trainer counsels them on techniques for safe and responsible two-wheeler riding.


Slow Down Campaign

The Slow Down campaign aims at advocating improved enforcement of speed control measures and speed management policies in Mumbai to curb speeding behaviour amongst motorists; thereby reducing the number of road crashes and serious injury and death caused by excessive or inappropriate speeding. The key objectives of the project are as given below;
  • Objective 1: Support stricter enforcement of speed management measures in Mumbai through local stakeholder engagement and advocacy
  • Objective 2: Create public awareness to curb speeding through the ‘Slow Down’ campaign
Under this project till date United Way Mumbai in consultation with Jt. CP of Traffic police has successfully identified 20 black spots across Mumbai on which fatalities occur mainly because of speeding. At this speeding spots, the road crash data and speed challan data available were gathered followed by a day long-baseline speeding survey on weekday and weekend of these spots were done jointly by enumerators of IIT Bombay and UWM so as to understand the vehicle flow and speeding pattern at the spot. For the pilot phase of these project 3 out of the 20 spots were selected where local citizen groups/individuals were identified who would like to advocate and be a part of these local traffic advisory committee and would jointly work with local traffic division for reducing the number of crashes due to speeding by simple cost-effective interventions.

The three spots selected for the pilot phase are as follows:
  • Ramabai Nagar Junction where we have mobilized 15 members from local citizen welfare groups and local politician
  • Chedda Nagar Junction where we have mobilized 17 members from Chedda Nagar welfare association group and few individual residents who stay around the spot
  • Mahim Causeway Junction where we have mobilized 23 members from local citizen group/mandals, fisherman colony and local politician

Global Road Safety Education VIA a New Generation

Road traffic crashes are the 8th leading cause of death, globally claiming over 1.34 million lives. Globally, each year, over 227,000 fatalities of road crashes are youth under the age of 20 and everyday, road accidents claim lives of 500 children. As per "Road Accidents in India - 2017", a report published by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH, Government of India), India reported 4,64,910 road crashes with 1,47,913 lives lost and a total of 4,70,975 persons injured. Of the total fatalities, 9,408 individuals were aged below 18 years. While children are a highly vulnerable group (as pedestrians, passengers and road users), their safety is largely overlooked in attempts to address road safety issues.

The project Global Road Safety Education VIA a New Generation is being conducted under the aegis of UWM's United for Road Safety campaign, focusing primarily on educating children and adolescents aged 10 to 14 years about road safety. The aim of the programme is to sustainably impact their knowledge, attitudes and behaviour. The initiative covers awareness on risky behaviour on the road, learning to avoid accidents and being alert while commuting on the roads. The programme also aims to create action plans for implementing road safety measures in school routes and school environments and make children aware of the connection between safe behaviour on the roads and protecting their own lives.

Impact Phase 1

  • We targeted 2 schools and trained 200 children.

Impact Phase 2

  • We are working pan India with 130 schools (both public and private) in 6 cities (Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore & Mumbai). More than 15,000 schools will be sensitized about the significance of road safety.
  • We have targeted 43 schools in Mumbai covering over 5000 children with 100 to 200 children per school.

Other Initiatives Under United for Road Safety

UWM has also conducted the following initiatives under the aegis of the United for Road Safety campaign.

Jeevan Doot

Jeevan Doot is a project under the aegis of United for Road Safety, aiming to improve the state of emergency response care provided to victims of road crashes. The programme focuses on training community volunteers as First Responders, equipped to provide post-crash emergency care to the victims of road crashes at select black spots on Mumbai roads, till the time professional medical aid arrives at the site. Under the project, United Way Mumbai mobilizes Jeevan Doots from communities around select crash-prone spots in Mumbai.

  • We conducted 8 First Responder training sessions for a selection of 5 black spots.
  • 142 individuals were trained as First Responders from the selected black spots.
  • 3 of the Jeevan Doots were felicitated at the hands of the Jt. Commissioner of Police, Traffic during the culminating ceremony at the 31st National Road Safety Week. Mr. Kamlakar Patil, Mr. Pradeep Majalkar and Mr. Nasir Manihar were trained by United Way Mumbai under our community impact initiative Jeevan Doot under the aegis of United for Road Safety.
  • On 13th January during the inauguration of the 31st National Road Safety Week, 3 more Jeevan Doots trained by United Way Mumbai were felicitated by the Hon. Chief Minister Shri. Uddhav Thackeray, for their timely help to road crash victims.


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