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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2022

Whenever I see children who can't pursue their career because of financial problems, I feel to do my best to help them. I wanted to help the underprivileged children and this campaign would support the cause. I believe education is the right of every single child in this world and nobody can take that right from them. I used to feel sad when I saw children of my age that can't attend school and I felt powerless. THIS CAMPAIGN IS TO MAKE SURE THAT EACH AND EVERY CHILD GETS EDUCATED AND BECOME WHAT THEY DREAM OF. This is a worthy cause and it would be great if you do your part.
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` 500 of ` 5000
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My name is Himansh Garg. I study in Euro school Thane and I am in grade 9 right now. I wanted to help the underprivileged children so i made the decision to raise the fund for this program.
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"You are doing a wonderful job. God bless. Hope many people join you in this noble venture."
Sumati Sri Ram Kumar
27th November 2020
My Fundraising Goal
` 500 of ` 5000


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Light of Life Trust
Light of Life Trust is an NGO registered under the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950, works towards realising untapped potential of India's rural communities and empower them through its 2 verticals - Project Anando (Education) and Project Jagruti (Community Development).
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Sumati Sri Ram Kumar