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In 2015, United Way Mumbai (UWM) launched the Mission Mangroves campaign, with the aim to restore Mumbai's depleted mangrove cover. The mangrove ecosystem in Mumbai plays a crucial role in protecting the city from coastal erosion, storm surges, and flooding. The mangroves act as a natural barrier, absorbing the energy of waves and reducing the impact of storms on the coast. They also help to maintain the water quality of the surrounding areas and provide a habitat for a diverse range of plants and animals. However, the mangrove ecosystem in Mumbai is under threat from a variety of human activities such as urbanization, pollution, and illegal land reclamation. These activities have led to their destruction and a decline in the population of the plants and animals that depend on them. Conservation efforts are underway to protect and restore the mangrove ecosystem in Mumbai, but they face challenges due to a lack of awareness and financial support.

To counter this, we have partnered with the Mangrove Cell of the State Forest Department and the Mangrove and Marine Biodiversity Conservation Foundation to adopt 30 ha of degraded wetlands at Karave and Khopar Khairane in Navi Mumbai and in Vikhroli. As of March 2022, we have greened 33 hectares of wetlands, planting 1,49,845 mangrove saplings.

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