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I believe in a right to education for not only boys and girls but also adults who have not received this opportunity. I understood the importance of education when I met my help's daughter; a diligent 12 year old who whose passion for learning reached to the limits of borrowing my used, scribbled books to learn. At that moment I felt lucky for having this fortunate life and now, I wish to provide such necessities to as many people as I can. I have done CAS activity through my school which involves going to a public school near by and teaching them English, this activity has not only helped them but allowed us to enhance our patience and knowledge and gain (the much needed) empathy for our teachers. During this activity I met a young boy whose intelligence was quite perplexing for an eight year old, I used to teach him every week. He suddenly stopped coming to school because his parents weren't able to arrange for the transport, and he was not the only child to drop out mid year-there were around 4 children who stopped showing up. This was another event when I decided action was needed. By raising funds, I aspire to help an existing school to succeed and make it possible for students to attend it- making the cost almost free, providing a transport for them to arrive and for the school to have well qualified teachers
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My name is Utsah and the reason you and I can read this is because we have had the wonderful opportunity of education, I wish to provide this experience to as many people I can. The reason I have chosen educo is because of their successful lalbaug project, where they have built an English medium school for children
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