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Children who read are likely to have: -Higher cognitive functioning -Better communication skills -Improved academic performance -The capacity to self learn -Greater confidence -And a broader perspective and world view How incredible it is that you can help a child have all of this simply by gifting her a set of books! It would take just 500 rupees for us to introduce the magic and wonder of books to a young child at a construction site, a child living with life threatening illnesses or a child from a marginalised slum community. A mini library for their centres costs only 15000 rupees. Once the children are gifted books, their teachers will be trained in how to make the books come alive and the children would attend book reading sessions with professional authors. This programme is doing excellent work with children who have very little to call their own. Let's help them gift books to 300 young readers and open up a world of possibilities.
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Hi I am Raj Barai leading this noble cause and supporting the Let's Read initiative for the lesser privileged children . Appealing to all my friends , colleagues to help me take this forward
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