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Malnutrition is one of the biggest problems India is facing today and cities like Mumbai are suffering the worst. Areas around Mumbai like Panvel, Thane, Raigarh have more than 50% children undernourished. This leads to growth deformities, frequent illness and in some also death. To address this, United Way Mumbai launched project Poshan in the year 2017 and I have been a part of it since inception. Last year we worked with 3000 children across Panvel, Karjat, and Mumbai providing them 600,000+ nutritious meals and training their parents on home-based nutrition and care. Our efforts have paid off well and children showed an incremental increase in weight. Your support can help us take this further to reach maximum children in need.
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My name is Dr. Shailesh Wagle and I am a public health professional working in Mumbai. I believe in Change and it starts with ourselves.
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Providing healthy food to one child for 10 months
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