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Hi all, I am choosing to support these NGOs for the wonderful work they do. I have always felt passionately about Child & Women health and LGBT Rights or as I like to call it, human rights. A small donation from you can go a long way to make a difference to someone's life. The Humsafar Trust is a pioneer in providing Health Services for the MSM (men who have sex with men) community. I understand the importance of health interventions in High Risk Groups like Homosexuals. With the cut in funds, organisations will find it difficult to meet ends for HIV testing and counselling, I would like to chip in with a little bit. The money you donate, will be used for the Sanjeevini Project of The Humsafar Trust. SNEHA is working for Children and women health from 1996. They have also working with adolescents on health, education, Career oriented skills and etc. For more information please visit the below website,
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My name is Sumit Pawar I am working in Development sector. I always feel when you want to create change you need to start with yourself. I am doing my bit.
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