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Fight Against COVID-19 - Livelihood

UWM's interventions to fight COVID-19 are based on best practices of other affected communities & include emergency response measures and long term efforts to build resilience and rehabilitate affected communities.

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Everything is there when life is there. I want to help the poor and helpless children and people for a long time and have tried more, but today the time has come that we should help the helpless people as much as possible. I have seen many people who do not have any bread for two days but I get compelled myself and if I am unable to help them and it is not seen from me. But I have decided that I will help all those needy people so that they don't have to go anywhere. I know that in our country, in our state and in our district, there are many Ngo who are helping people with life. Despite all this, there are some people who do not have any connectivity, no knowledge. Because those people live in a place where there is no quick access (Helping People). The way many people are playing their important role today I also want to bring a little laughter on the faces of those helpless and helpless people. And I need your support for these .. I have no interest in any publicity and am not doing it for these reasons, I do not want to see anyone unhappy, just because. If I can get support, then I am thinking of opening a free tuition coaching center for poor children's. Where everyone can get education for free. Thanks Regards Please Support ..

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The nationwide lockdowns badly affected daily wage earners and self-employed persons through loss of jobs. We will promote entrepreneurship among women, addressing low female labour force participation by supporting women with occupational tools that will allow them to start their own entrepreneurial ventures from home.

The drivers of regular black-and-yellow taxis or autorickshaws lack training on COVID-19 safety measures and do not have the resources for upradation, resulting in a higher risk of contracting infections for them and their passengers. As a result, passengers opt for private cab services leading to loss of livelihood for the black-and-yellow taxi/autorickshaw drivers. We are equipping these vehicles with safety screens, providing hygiene and sanitation material and training the drivers on COVID appropriate behaviour to maximise safety. This is done in collaboration with local RTOs and taxi/autorickshaw drivers’ unions. 

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