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Fight Against COVID-19 - Livelihood

UWM's interventions to fight COVID-19 are based on best practices of other affected communities & include emergency response measures and long term efforts to build resilience and rehabilitate affected communities.

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Hello, I am Deeksha Ramesh, a student presently living in Germany. Covid-19 has affected so many lives around us in so many different ways. It’s been more than a year since people have been striving to get relief for the health and livelihood affected by this pandemic. One such person facing a plethora of challenges is my Aunt/Dodamma/Badi maa (my mother’s sister), and this a fundraising message to help her with her livelihood. My aunt is Kala B. Gupta, and she is 60 years old, living in Bangalore alone. She has been working since she was 17 years. She is a single woman running a small stationery business that is solely dependent on her livelihood. Because of schools and colleges being constantly closed since last year, the stationery/books business has been affected, and without any customers, she cannot make her ends meet. She has monthly expenses of around Rs 8000, including her loans, rent, and living. She doesn’t have any savings and all her money was put into the business. She is currently receiving 1000/- rs as an old-age pension from the government. She has been trying to sell her business and use the amount for her living. We have been attempting to sell her business offline and also via online platforms. We hardly got any response or the help needed. She is now planning to donate all the items from her stationery shop to the needy and completely shut down the business. She is struggling to arrange even emergency funds for her livelihood and health during these times. Because of her age and health issues, it is challenging for her to work as an employee for anyone or start any home business. If you are reading this message, please donate how much ever possible to take care of her health and livelihood during these challenging times. Additionally, you could also suggest the organizations/NGOs/or individuals who require stationery items as donations. Since she is alone and old, she won’t be able to deliver the items, and it would be preferable or helpful if they could come and collect the items themselves. To prove the authenticity of this message, the below mentioned is her business/shop address with a picture. We are creating a fundraiser of up to 200000/- rs in total for this cause. Address of the stationery shop: SLV stationeries, 19th main, 2nd cross, temple road, Girinagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560050

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The nationwide lockdowns badly affected daily wage earners and self-employed persons through loss of jobs. We will promote entrepreneurship among women, addressing low female labour force participation by supporting women with occupational tools that will allow them to start their own entrepreneurial ventures from home.

The drivers of regular black-and-yellow taxis or autorickshaws lack training on COVID-19 safety measures and do not have the resources for upradation, resulting in a higher risk of contracting infections for them and their passengers. As a result, passengers opt for private cab services leading to loss of livelihood for the black-and-yellow taxi/autorickshaw drivers. We are equipping these vehicles with safety screens, providing hygiene and sanitation material and training the drivers on COVID appropriate behaviour to maximise safety. This is done in collaboration with local RTOs and taxi/autorickshaw drivers’ unions. 

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