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Welfare Society for Destitute Children has been working for the street and destitute children since 1958. The organization has a shelter for both boys and girls ( Bandra ) and another shelter in Eklahare village near Murbad for teenage boys. It not only give shelter to them but also educate them free of cost in the organization. It provide support to the children through different projects. Happy Feet project is an action based counseling project to help the children to come out of their traumas and to live a protected life. It also provide life skill training to these children on 5 topics such as hygiene, behavior, time management, communication skills and study skills. and also provided food, shelter, cloth, Education, healthy Environments, and this is a basics needs to every child. Since the organization is not funded by the government , it is completely dependent on the local donation to run its activities. that why I am helping my organization to meet all the expenses and needs of these street Children's.
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` 600 of ` 100000
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I am Mangesh J Kale and I am a Professional social Worker, I have completed my post Graduation in Master of Social Work (urban and rural community development ) from CSRD-ISWR Institute of Social Work and Research Center Ahmednagar. in 2018, India. and I am very much passionate to social work in the field of child education, women empowerment, community health & nutrition and social work research. and I have been honestly working as a Residential Social Worker for the last one year. in Welfare Society For destitute Children & Orphanage Mumbai. and am very proud to my organization because the organization works to meet the needs of those in need. so my I am very happy to being part of Welfare Society For Destitute Children & Orphanage.
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11th December 2020
My Fundraising Goal
` 600 of ` 100000


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Welfare Society For Destitute Children (St. Catherine of Sienna School and Orphanage)
Activities Provide Child Friendly Atmosphere With A View To Rehabilitate The Children And Their Families Giving Them Quality Counselling And Guidance. Education Is Supported Till Age Of 22 While Counselling Is Provided For Children Through Happy Feet Project. For Parents Happy Home Project Is Provided.
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