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UWM's interventions to fight COVID-19 are based on best practices of other affected communities & include emergency response measures and long term efforts to build resilience and rehabilitate affected communities.

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The target area is located in the Sundarbans in India of which every islands has been crisscrossed by rivers. It is the largest delta in the world and at the mouth of Bay of Bengal. Recently, the area has been seriously affected by the cyclonic storm AMPHAN. Many houses have been destroyed and the agricultural field totally been damaged by overflowing saline water. The population of the area is fully dependable on agriculture, wood cutting, fishing, etc.Cyclones are natural events. The Indian sub-continent is the worst affected part in the world as far as loss of lives and financial losses are much more. The frequent disasters nullify the development of several years and turn the clock back for these vulnerable families. The Sundarbans is also susceptible to natural calamities because of its geographical location and island set up. Cyclone, storm surge, flood or excessive rainfall are observed in the Sundarbans. The poor women of the Sundarbans are very neglected by her husband or her family members. They have no source of income. there is no regular jobs for the women. Violence against women has become a prominent topic of discussion in this area. The general health of women of all ages is often neglected. The number of suicide case of female has been increasing day by day. The vocational training on Tailoring for six months for 40 women is required in this moment for their livelihood and self-sufficiency. Women empowerment will come permanently by this way.

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The long term implications of this pandemic have the potential to cripple affected communities. Once the need for social distancing subsides, we foresee a need for midterm and long term interventions to rehabilitate communities and build resilience to any further incidences.

Expected interventions include:
  • Upgradation of sanitation and hygiene facilities in communities such as low-income schools, Anganwadis, community spaces, hospitals, etc.
  • Health education, screening and awareness generation on WASH behaviours
  • Restoring livelihoods of daily wage earners and marginalized communities
  • Mental health support
  • Identification and skilling of community health volunteers
  • Upgradation of health facilities and infrastructure in government hospitals and public health centres.
  • Support of frontline workers including doctors, nurses, public health workers, sanitation workers, police personnel, etc.
  • Nutrition and education support for children to compensate for losses during periods of isolation or school closure.
  • Upgradation and installation of sanitation and hygiene facilities at public areas with high footfall like Railway stations and Bus stations along with awareness generation.
  • Measures to improve hygiene awareness and practices in high-density habitation like in urban slums

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I, Mr. Subimal Karan, resident of Vill- Dakshin Shibganj, P.O. Pathar Pratima, Dist South 24 Parganas, Pin-743371 in West Bengal, India. I was an govt. employee and now I am retired person. My qualification is M.A., DHSM. I was always involved in social welfare activities. I am the founder of Shibganj Integrated Development Society. Now I am the secretary of the organization. I got reward as the best Social Worker in the South 24 Parganas district by NYKS.




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