This year, Tata Mumbai Marathon (TMM) and United Way Mumbai are joining hands in a powerful commitment - a commitment towards the environment and a sustainable future. Together, we are dedicated not only to mitigating climate change but also to ensuring the well-being of communities through sustained livelihoods.

Registering for TMM this year will enable every stakeholder to participate and contribute to the plantation of tree/s in the TMM Agro Forest by upgrading to the TMM Green Bib during registration and becoming an Evergreener. 

What is the TMM GREEN BIB?

The TMM Green Bib allows you to contribute to the plantation and maintenance of trees in the TMM Agro Forest. Your contribution will result not just in a better environment but also in giving livelihood to the farmer who provides their land to the Agro Forest initiative.

Every person who registers for a race category (including virtual) will have the option to upgrade to a TMM Green Bib. The minimum contribution is one tree. You can contribute more than one tree. The contribution can be made at the point of registration or via further donation/fundraising.

Investment Per Tree

Growing a tree does not stop at a sapling being planted. A tree needs to be taken care of for a minimum of 3 years for it to be self-sufficient and bear fruits. The contribution to the growth of 1 tree for a period of 3 years is INR 635 (barely Rs. 200/ year). The cost includes the plantation of saplings, protection, watering, nourishment, maintenance, and supervision for the period.

The TMM Green Bib will have a different palette on Race Day and will be cherished by the participant, the Evergreener, for the contribution their tree/s made to the climate in the region and the sustenance provided to the farmer providing the land.

People who have not got the opportunity to own a TMM Green Bib, and yet want to be part of the TMM Agro Forest initiative, can donate below.

Agroforests and their Impact on Climate Change

Today high input costs, environmental degradation, and climate change have generated new challenges for many vast areas of farmlands.

Agroforestry, an agricultural method that nurtures natural ecosystems, could reverse these disturbing trends, according to researchers. It introduces trees into farms and the agricultural landscape and enables economically viable production while significantly restoring land, mitigating climate change, and safeguarding local biodiversity.  

Agri-Horti Model for TMM Agro Forest (2024 edition)

Our intervention involves a strategic greening initiative targeting farmers in rural areas. The approach is to promote horticultural tree plantations integrated with agriculture on the same land. This will mitigate risks linked to mono-cropping and enhance farmers' resilience against climate change factors, such as delayed monsoons, consecutive rain delays, and rising temperatures.

Geography for TMM Agro Forest Edition 2024

South Solapur, Akkalkot & Barshi block of Solapur District in Maharashtra.

Agri-Horti Plantation Model of Agroforestation

The agri-horti plantation model will be promoted on the farmlands in multiples of 1 acre per farmer. This approach aims to extend benefits to multiple farmers instead of single landowners. The model serves three main objectives:

By adopting this Agri-Horti Plantation Model of Agroforestation, farmers can cultivate diverse crops, increase their income potential, and contribute to soil health and environmental sustainability.

Maintenance, monitoring, evaluation, and impact assessment will be undertaken by United Way Mumbai and our team of experts at regular intervals.

Inclusion for projects in other geographies

If you or your organisation would like to be part of the TMM Agro Forest initiative in a location other than the designated Solapur farm-lands, you can get in touch with us on

Green Bib

To upgrade your TMM Bib to a Green Bib, please visit the TMM website - If you would like to make additional donations or contribute to this initiative even without participating as a runner, you can contribute below.

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