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Bal Asha Trust, Anand Niketan, Dr. E. Moses Road, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 400011
Founded Year: 1985
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About NGO:

Did you ever wonder what happened after a media news report read that "A child is found abandoned in a public place'?

Bal Asha Children's Home: A home for destitute children with quality care, nutritional, educational, medical, developmental and psychological support. The home is situated at Bal Asha Trust, Anand Niketan. Dr. E. Moses Road, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai 400011.

Bal Asha Trust has become home for more than 1500 children. The children are having many special needs like HIV, Hep. B. Cerebral Palsy, Albinism, Hearing and visually impairment etc.

Bal Asha Trust has given these children a chance to grow in a safe and secure environment by giving quality child care. These children can with quality life transforming from severely neglected children into contented little angels with loving Adoptive families.

Bal Asha Child Development Centre - A center for children with delays. The centre is for assessments and therapy of children with learning disabilities, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy etc. The services which will be provided are consultations and therapies from developmental pediatrician, Occupational, Speech, Physio and other related medical experts.

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Fund Usage:

Bal Asha Trust will utilize the funds for following purposes:-

Bal Asha Children Home for Destitute Children : Nutrition, Medicines, Medical Tests, Medical Care, Educational Expenses and overall care of the children

Bal Asha Child Development Centre : To provide medical assessments and therapies for children coming from hard economic conditions. These children receive pediatric assessments and therapies like Occupational, Physio, Speech, Psychological free to 90% concession depending on their families financial condition.


Reema and Ramesh (both name changed) were found abandoned when they were 15 days old in year 2004 & 2007 respectively.   They were found abandoned in public places.  The both were suffering from Albinism (complete absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes).

They both were admitted in an institution by the Police, but the care takers had no experience in taking care of children with Albinism. A visitor after seeing their plight told them about quality child care given in Bal Asha Trust.  The institution contacted Bal Asha Trust and soon the children were our care after legal paperwork in 2008.

Reema after investigations was found to be Hepatitis B carrier and significantly developmentally delayed (40%).   Ramesh on testing indicated 57% development delayed.  Both the children had speech delays and low eye sight.   They did very little activity and virtually did not understand their surroundings.

Bal Asha Trust prepares a individual care plan for every child.   They were put on aggressive nutritional and developmental interventions.  The Team of Doctors, Psychologist, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Social Workers, Nurses and Care Takers at Bal Asha Trust gave individual attention to the children.  After a year of these interventions we saw significant improvement in the condition of children.   

Today, Ramesh has found a loving Adoptive Parents.  He is very happy and growing up very well.

Reema although has not found an Adoptive Home and is in the children's home.  She is receiving all the love and care.  She goes to a regular school and is in 2nd std.  She sings poems and dances to bollywood music with her dance teacher in the children's home.