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Charity Bibs

Charity Bibs is one more opportunity for individuals to secure participation at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2014. Most NGOs listed with us have a fixed number of charity bibs available with them. These bibs are unique as they can be used for any race category a participant wishes to participate in. Such charity bibs will be available at a premium with these NGOs, the proceeds going for the benefit of the chosen NGO. So, if you have missed the registration dates or have been unable to qualify for the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2014, this is your chance to be part of world's top ten marathons.

List of participating NGOs having such charity numbers, can be viewed in the participating NGO section of our website Each NGO will have its charity bib availability status displayed on its page. In addition, to facilitate the charity bib buying/selling process the UWM charity community section has a simple to use interface, to connect interested runners to charities. The Charity community can be accessed at

Please note: Runners have to directly connect with the NGO for a charity bib. Each NGO has a specific aim and target for the bibs available with them. They will guide you specifically on the process to get you your charity running spot.

Our website also enables individuals to create fundraising pages for themselves for a cause they support. This is separate from the charity bibs. Through your free online fundraising page you can easily and instantly ask the support of your friends and relatives in helping you raise funds for the cause you support. This can be supplemented offline by downloading the pledge kit from the site. The pledge kit contains an excel sheet and a summary sheet along with several tips and pointers on how to go about fundraising in a simple manner for your offline effort as well. All funds raised via the online pages will be sent 100% to the NGO supported. UWM will bear all payment gateway charges incurred on the same.

We often underestimate the huge difference a little money or gesture can make in the lives of the underprivileged. The NGOs you contact and choose to support will be grateful for your support.

We congratulate you on choosing not just to run, but to run for a cause greater than ourselves.